ADM Building for Insect Protein

ADM in partnership with InnovaFeed announced plans to build and operate what should be the world’s largest insect protein production site in ADM’s hometown of Decatur, Ill. The immediate use is for animal feed.

The facility will be owned and operated by InnovaFeed, a French biotech company already a key player in producing premium insect ingredients for animal feed. It will co-locate with ADM’s Decatur corn processing complex, with ADM supplying feedstocks, waste heat and more.

“At a time when the demand for animal feed protein is steadily increasing, insect farming stands out as a true solution for the future,” said Chris Cuddy, ADM senior vice president and president of the company’s Carbohydrate Solutions business. At present, insect protein is only used for animal feed and aquaculture, but researchers are looking at it as a protein source for the future. Cultures around the world consume insects.


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