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Agriculture & 


In today’s world, the demand for high quality crops and large yields are greater than ever before. tec5USA’s cutting-edge technology provides the necessary tools to optimize crop growth. Using a variety of spectroscopic methods, tec5USA provides in-line measurements allowing for real time analysis of soil quality and plant health, allowing a farmer or an automated system to make adjustments in various parameters such as irrigation, nutrient delivery, and atmospheric and lighting conditions as needed. Our instruments are designed specifically for harsh industrial environments and are robust enough to be mounted on a vehicle such as a planter or harvester providing the means to monitor soil or crop quality in real-time. 


Spectroscopy provides a non-destructive method of quality control for food and agricultural applications.
tec5 works very closely with agricultural companies and research institutions around the world to create monitoring systems to improve many aspects of plant growth and harvesting. 
Within the scope of next generation, self-learning closed plant production systems (CPPS), containing sensors such as CO, CO2, O2, O3, humidity, temperature, soil temperature, soil humidity,  water level, ALS, etc. feeding data into the cloud to be analyzed and processed by AI enhanced algorithms, sending back control data to actuators like fans, pumps for fertilizing and water systems, PWM signals for LED illumination, etc. we would like to come up with the idea of in-line spectrometer modules. 


These could be installed underneath greenhouse roofs to remotely and continuously monitor e.g. photosynthesis or plant health-related parameters of bigger areas. We had developed a tractor-mounted N-sensor for real-time measurements of crops in precision farming before to determine the right amount of site-specific fertilizer required.

Fast, precise analysis technology is required to ensure optimal yield through a continuous monitoring of the plant population during the entire phase of growth. Currently, thousands of these systems are working around the globe under a wide range of conditions.