Pharmaceutical manufacturing depend on several strict qualitative and quantitative control measurements including the concentration/purity, color, etc. Oftentimes, this requires monitoring a reaction in real-time. tec5’s low maintenance spectrometer systems provide fast, reliable spectral data. The systems can easily be incorporated into in-line production to monitor reaction processes. This cuts out the requirement to stop a reaction and remove a sample for analysis in a separate area. Spectrometer systems can be encased in IP54 to IP69 allowing the systems to be incorporated near the reaction vessels to avoid long fiber-optic cables.

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Ecosystem of PAT Raman

Spectroscopy has potential to have a large impact to industry applications. To meet full expectations and potentials:  

  • The involvement of skilled spectroscopists / chemometricians is critical

  • Understand the technical issues and develop validate methods for the trained users

  • Instrument IQ/OQ/PQ and service protocols plus service are available

Raman System for PAT.png

Monitoring Monoclonal Antibody Breakthrough
Curves On Chromatographic Columns 

Non-contact Raman Spectroscopy for Bioprocess Monitoring of CHO Cell Cultivations

Industrial Biotech Fermentation Monitoring of

Bio-ethanol Production

Efficient Kinetic Measurements in the Micro-reactor

Non-invasive Inline Raman Analysis

Process Monitoring of a Biocatalytic Synthesis of a Nonsterodial Anti-Inflammatory Drug