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The Lens Color Analyzer TFM-1

This Color Analyzer system was developed in cooperation with Rodenstock (Germany) as a fast measurement tool for the use in production and development. It allows a fast, accurate determination of the color values (e.g. L*, a*, b*), the UV transmissions TUV 380 nm and TUV 400 nm, the light transmission Tv as well as additional parameters in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 8980-3 standard. Ophthalmic lenses with refractive power of up to ±20 diopters can be analyzed.

YARA N-Sensor

The Yara provides direct feedback using the measured spectral characteristics to determine an application rate, which is sent as a signal to the spreader/sprayer to adjust the level of fertilizer to deposit. It is also connected to a GPS system to map a field, providing useful information about problem zones.

The 2nd generation of the N-sensor, the N-Sensor ALS (Active Light Source), has an integrated light source. The innovative, patented measuring technology of the N-Sensor ALS enables a variable-rate fertilizer application that does not depend on ambient light conditions

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