Spectrometer System

  • High Speed Raman spectrometer or Raman/NIR combination for harsh industrial environment

  • 785 nm wavelength laser excitation

  • Class 3B laser, adjustable 50-500 mW by software and can be split up to 4 channels.  

  • Spectral range 300-3100 cm-1 

  • Spectral Resolution ~7cm-1 FWHM

  • Measurement of up to 4 measuring points at once with individual control to each point

  • tec5 proprietary design of 4-serial interlock chain

  • Class 1 Laser installation according to IEC 60825-1

  • Various IP-protected housing, tamper proof feauring RFID switch, lockable connectors available

MultiSpec_Raman_4Ch_2Probes_300 no

Intrinsically Safe

Continuous measurements

Process Integration

On-line Monitoring

Why combined NIR & Raman?

tec5USA process analytical technology provides unique monitoring tools to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Normally, some molecules that produce strong signal in NIR might produce weak signals in Raman (example, moisture analysis) and vice versa (example, analytes in solution). Thus, NIR and Raman are both complementary techniques, and together could provide a solution to most of the present challenges especially in biotechnology by evaluating qualitative and quantitative information. We are within a few companies that provide NIR/Raman systems combined into a spectrometer for your convenience. These spectrometers have no moving parts, which accounts for high reproducibility necessary for process applications. In addition, the system is 9x more efficient than other cutting-edge spectrometers in the market today, allowing for significantly reduced data acquisition times from 10 minutes down to around 1 min. Moreover, these systems are designed with permanent wavelength calibration and drift-free, making re-calibration unnecessary. Our spectrometers also have Class 1 Laser installation and Interlock Chain making them optically intrinsically safe, and are being tailored according to your needs for hygienic and sanitary standards (CFR21 part 177, 3-A SSI and AMI), various dust and water protection (IP class), explosion-proof (HAZLOC) standards, etc. We can interface our spectroscopy sensors to industrial control systems (ICS) comprising HMI’s, SCADA systems, distributed control systems (DCS), etc. according to the OPC Data Access specifications. Both finished software clients as well as SDK’s are available on request.

Ecosystem of PAT Raman

Spectroscopy has potential to have a large impact to industry applications. To meet full expectations and potentials:  

  • The involvement of skilled spectroscopists / chemometricians is critical

  • Understand the technical issues and develop validate methods for the trained users

  • Instrument IQ/OQ/PQ and service protocols plus service are available

Raman System for PAT.png

The tec5 difference

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