Whisky Colour Meter  

The hand-held Explosion-proof photometer HandySpec® WCM was developed by tec5 AG in cooperation with Hellma GmbH & Co KG and the DIAGEO Global Supply Brand TechnicalCentre, Glenochil to check the color of Whisky. This instrument is also suitable for color measurements of other spirits, wines, fruit juices and other liquids.

Temperature Range Operating                                                               -20°C to +40°C

Probe length                                                                            400 mm, other available

Optical Path Length                                                        10mm [2*5mm], other available

Light Source                                                                                               LEDs or LDs

Extinction Range                                                         Depends on the optical path length

Repeatability                                                                    Approx. 0.001 Extinction units

Long Term Stability              Approx. 0.002 Extinction units per hour [without new referencing]

Power Supply        Rechargeable battery module [battery module can be changed in Ex Area]

Ex protection                                                                   II 1/2G [Ex op is] Ex ib IIB T4

  • Fast and reliable measurement

  • Moves analysis out of the laboratory

  • Short measurement time [approx. 2 s]

  • Ex-proof design

  • Stores up to 200 data sets

  • Splash water proof [IP 53]

  • Compact and robust

  • Battery powered, >8 hours operating time

Claas Harvester

NIR spectrometer tecSaaS board with Cortex M4 integrated data acquisition & data processing mounted on a Claas harvester to measure crops as they ran through the machine.



Dust and water protected, stainless steel housing with an integrated industrial PC and touchscreen TFT monitor.

This system currently incorporates either an MMS spectrometer module for the UV-VIS-NIR spectral range or a PGS spectrometer modules for the NIR spectral range with either a Xenon flash lamp or a long-life halogen lamp. The UV-VIS-NIR version can cover a variety of spectral ranges between 190 – 1000 nm, while the NIR version can cover from 1000 – 2150 nm.  Fast electronic multiplexer technology allows the UV-VIS instrument to have up to 8 channels to collect data simultaneously. One of the channels is often used as a permanent reference to guarantee drift-free operation.  Easy connection to fiber-optic immersion probes and flow-through cells allow measurements directly inside pipelines or reaction vessels.

The CompactSpec® II is housed in a IP54 stainless steel housing that protects it from limited dust ingress and water spray from all directions.  It contains an integrated computer with a touchscreen monitor for easy control. It can also include hardware that will allow the system to communicate with a Process Interface via digital and analog inputs and outputs.

Each system is equipped with a Vortex cooling unit to allow it to withstand a high temperature environment. To avoid long fibers, a system often must be placed in a production where extra protection is necessary. tec5USA offers a pressurized CompactSpec® II EEx p version is available with ATEX certified Zones 1 (Class 1, Div 1) or 2 (Class 1, div 2) explosion-proof ratings.

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