Strategic technology partnership with Novartis AG for fighting against counterfeit tablets

Nynomic AG and Novartis AG form a long-term partnership to accelerate the detection and reporting of falsified medicines worldwide.

For the first time, the jointly developed solution will empower countries where Novartis AG operates with fast authentication capabilities of suspected falsified medicines. With the handheld device -NIRONE- from Nynomic and the data models stored in the cloud for each tablet, corresponding authentications can now be carried out in the field, in the shortest possible time and without direct process costs.

Nynomic supplies the necessary handheld scanners, the app and the cloud infrastructure and supports the creation of the data models. In addition, Nynomic will in the future take over the care and maintenance of the infrastructure and the continuous expansion and updating of the data models as a service.

Novartis is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, headquartered in Switzerland. As a leading global pharmaceutical company, Novartis uses scientific innovation and digital technologies to develop breakthrough therapies in areas of substantial medical need.

The expected orders will contribute to the total sales of Nynomic AG in the Life Science segment, demonstrating once again the innovative and future-oriented solutions that are possible with Nynomic Group’s technology portfolio and know-how.

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