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CID2 Online Raman Analyzer

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The tec5USA Raman Analyzer solution consists of a Field Raman Spectrometer System and the Tidus XP Raman Immersion Probe. The lockout tagout (LOTO) system, robust design and explosion-proof enclosure allows for safe integration into the harsh environments. The tec5USA Online Raman Analyzer utilizes a temperature stabilized 785 nm laser with tunable output from 35 – 500 mW, allowing for safe laser operation below any ignition energies of any chemical species present in the environment. The system contains a highly sensitive TE-cooled CCD array used in conjunction with VPH transmission gratings, allowing for straylight reduction, highly efficient dispersion, and a wide spectral range of 300 – 3100 cm-1. The fiber-bundle cross section converter optimizes light throughput by forming a linear arrangement of fibers to create the spectrometer entrance slit.


  • Process ready spectroscopy solution for
    installation in hazardous environments
  • Stabilized multimode laser source
  • Short data acquisition times
  • Lockout, tagout safety system (LOTO)
  • High efficiency and sensitivity, back-thinned CCD detector


  • Maintenance free sample acquisition
  • Identify and quantify several components simultaneously
  • In-line monitoring via direct probe insertion
  • Multichannel operation capability
  • Closed-loop control via DCS connection


  • Laser Type Fiber coupled, stabilized multimode diode laser
  • Wavelength 785 nm
  • Output Power 35 - 500 mW, adjustable
  • Output Connector FC-APC with 105 µm core diameter
  • Detector Type High efficiency and sensitivity, back-thinned CCD detector (TEC cooled)
  • Spectral Range 300 - 3100 cm-1
  • Resolution 7 cm-1
  • Acquisition Time 3 ms - 10 mins
  • Process Temperature Range 5 - 180°C
  • Number of Channels Up to 4
  • Hazardous Location Class I Division 2
  • Purging Y-purge
  • Cooling Active Vortex

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