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Is Contract Manufacturing the Answer for Your Organization? Let’s talk today about your contract manufacturing needs!

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Why Contract Manufacturing with tec5USA?

Our approach to OEM Partnership and Contract Manufacturing:

  1. Translating and refining your ideas into a product.
  2. A direct transfer from your Engineering
    to our Production floor.
  3. A robust structure: Fixed bill of materials,
    established fixtures, work instructions,
    testing capabilities and processes.
  4. A "Customer First" mindset,
    where you drive the demand.
  5. Engineering Design Services: A collaborative
    effort in the design, engineering and
    refinement of a product prior to release.
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German Quality.
American Ingenuity.

tec5USA is a complement to your Operations.
We strive to become a long-term Trusted Partner and Technical Advisor so that you can focus on your co ...

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The Benefits of partnering with tec5USA

Your IP and Confidential Information are safe with us.

Your Products deserve Cost Transparency.

  1. Reduced time to market by taking advantage of our manufacturing
  2. Trust in a long-term, well-established, reputable
    partner selected by large corporations
    for their R&D and Manufacturing needs.
  3. Guarantee of Quality and Consistent Product
    Output through strict ISO rules, controlled
    documentation and optimized workflow.
  4. Flexibility and Responsiveness to change orders
    and new product requests.
  5. Built and supported in your geographical
    zone of operations, offering a low risk of
    supply chain disruption and delayed
  6. Just-in-time production during night shifts
    for time-critical orders.
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tec5USA Technical Skills and Operational Capabilities:

We bring a team of dedicated, focused Applications, Engineering and Manufacturing personnel, with a long experience in the design, engineering and hig ...

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Tec Difference

Manufacturing Expertise

Our Technical Capabilities:

  1. Optical, opto-mechanical, opto-electronics,
    electronics and sensor assemblies.
  2. Active alignment.
  3. Smart fixturing.
  4. High mix, low volume.
  5. From small batches to larger batches.
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OEM Image

Strength of our Manufacturing Engineering:

A structure to support you.
Because not everything goes as intended,
because problems do happen,
because even the best proc ...

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What we offer

  1. Process Capability studies: Prior and during transfer
    to Contract Manufacturing.
  2. Process Validation: IQ/OQ/PQ.
  3. Process Improvement and Enhanced Fixture design.
  4. Statistical Process Control,
    Product deviation monitoring.
  5. Internal Q.C.: Incoming inspection,
    and at critical steps.
  6. Batch studies, Failure Analysis.
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OEM Image

Added Value of our Supply Chain Management:

We offer a flexible approach to Procurement:

Your selected suppliers, or ours – Audited and Qualified.

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A Streamlined Supply Chain:

Access to a worldwide network of strategic suppliers and key partners for electronics, sensors, mechanical and optical components, leveraging Nynomic ...

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Tec Difference

Resilience of our Operations:

Two worldwide locations to support your production needs, in North America and in Europe.

A solid Business Continuity and Disaster Recove ...

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    The data that is being entered might be shared with other members of the Nynomic Group. We honor any requests by an individual that we don’t share the personal data, in which case we may redirect the individual to the right company directly rather than passing on the lead. Please send an email to [email protected] in this case.


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