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Spectroscopy Software – MultiSpec® Pro II

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MultiSpec® Pro II is tec5USA’s new Process Software for UV-VIS-NIR and Raman Spectroscopy, for laboratory and process applications. Incorporating current program environments and visualization schemes, a number of data acquisition modes, data processing and output options are provided. Five packages are offered, which range from a basic data acquisition tool to a process software. Optional modules, including color determination, prediction of chemometric models and a number of process communication interfaces (OPC DA, Profibus, Digital and Analog I/O, 4-20mA), facilitate the adaption to required applications.

MultiSpec® Pro II Packages:

Basic MultiSpec® Pro II Basic has standard functionality and is offered for applications requiring data acquisition, display and export of spectra.

Standard MultiSpec® Pro II Standard offers the complete functionality of data acquisition, graphical display and data storage/output. The version can be extended by additional modules, such as chemometrics or color determination.

Agro is a specialized version for customers in agricultural environments. This fulfils the requirements for field applications with additional modules such as data logging of GPS positions and online prediction of chemometric models.

Process MultiSpec® Pro II Process offers the functionality of the Standard package plus additional process-oriented features, including user management and access control, cyclic dark current correction, lamp intensity monitoring, automatic adjustment of integration time and status signals.

Raman MultiSpec® Pro II Raman enables the acquisition of Raman spectra in wavenumbers, the complete control of a Raman installation including communication and control of the Laser cassette’s safety features (laser status, interlock).


Chemometric Modules: Quantitative predictions based on Unscrambler™ on-line prediction engine from CAMO, SL predictor from SensoLogic, GRAMS™ PLSPlus/IQ predictor from Thermo Galactic, S-PACT PeaXact, Umetrics SIMCA-Q.

Multi-channel Module: Operation of multiple measurement channels.

Color Module: Color determination according to CIELAB, CIE94, CMC.

Peak Finder Module: Determination of peaks and valleys. Output of the resulting wavelengths and the minimum/maximum values.

Data Preprocessing Module: Baseline correction and bubble/particle detection algorithm for stable process measurements.

GPS Module: Acquisition of data from GPS module via serial port unit needs to be compliant to NMEA standard.

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  • Supports tec5 electronics and spectrometer systems based on PCI, USB and Ethernet interfaces; single and continuous measurements; simultaneous referencing with 2-channel operation; automatic dark current correction; external shutter operation.
  • Continuous measurements with automatic storage of spectral data and results.
    Flexible display of spectra, results and trend charts, based on WPF architecture.
    Display of intensity, absorption, transmission and dark current spectra.
  • Lamp intensity monitoring and status signals, optional process interface (Raman version: Laser control and Status).
  • Online system control and visualization of multiple system parameters and diagnostics tools.


  • Modular, highly available, technology .NET 4.x / WPF / Native DLLs (SW stack).
    Operation in Windows 7 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 10 [32- and 64-bit].
  • Modular concept: Basic packages can be extended by modules through licensing.
  • Available extensions: DPP (data pre-processing), Chemometrics, Peak finder, Process communication, Colorimetry, User management.
  • Diverse process interfaces: OPC DA, Profibus, Digital and Analog I/O, 4-20mA.

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