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Electronics Multiplexers

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One electronics to rule them all: tec5USA’s exclusive Electronic Sensor Multiplexers (“E-MUX”) have been designed to operate up to 8 identical PDA detectors or PDA spectrometers with preamplifier electronics, with only one operating Front-End Electronics, in “Simultaneous” and “Sequential” modes.

This unique architecture enables multi-channel / multi-input spectroscopy measurements in a cost-efficient manner, and is particularly useful for high-precision process analysis in which a reference channel has to be observed simultaneously (e.g., reflectometry), or for high throughput instrumentation where several samples must be measured at the same time (e.g., UV-VIS tablet dissolution testing apparatus).

The multiplexer operating mode is selected by software and transferred to the E-MUX via the Front End Electronics.

In sequential mode, the multiplexer acts as a static input switch for up to 8 sensors. The size of a spectral data array is equal to the number of pixels of the active sensor.

In simultaneous mode, a predefined combination of two to eight sensors can be read out almost concurrently. The multiplexer interleaves the spectral data of the single sensors, pixel by pixel, returning a spectral data array which size is the sum of all the pixels of the active sensors.

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  • Inputs for 1 to 8 PDA detectors or PDA spectrometers, in sequential or simultaneous mode.
  • For Hamamatsu PDA series S3901 to S3904, operated by tec5USA’s preamplifier DZA-S3901-4.
  • For MMS, CGS and MCS PDA spectrometers.
  • Software programmable. EEPROM at I2C Bus for automatic configuration recognition.


  • Precise spectrophotometric measurements with simultaneous acquisition of the Sample and Reference channels.
  • Operates up to 8 PDA spectrometers simultaneously for high-throughput, multi-sampling instrumentation.
  • Cost-efficient, compact system with only one operating electronics for multiple sensors.


  • MUX-4P Two channels in simultaneous or four channels in sequential operation.
  • MUX-8A Up to eight channels in sequential or simultaneous mode.

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