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Manufacturer of in-line process spectrometers

Molecular spectroscopy can obtain the composition of samples by applying light to them and detecting and analyzing the absorption or reflection spectr ...

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The Production Specialist-Assembler will report to the Head of Production

Assembly of scientific-grade spectrometer units which include spectrometers, electronics, and mechanical housings. Spectrometer units are assembled as per manufacturing instructions with high-quality control. Knowledge of operating electro-mechanical assembly tools, power supplies, test tools are required skills for this job functionality. To apply send your resume to [email protected]

Responsibilities and Duties: Assembling of mechanical and electronics parts with fiber-optic modules; Modification of electronic boards, i.e. soldering of SMD components; Manufacturing of accessory cables i.e. crimping or soldering of wires to connectors; Testing of assembled units; Packaging of assembled units.

Requirements: High School Diploma required; Knowledge of handling electronics and mechanical parts; Read, understand, and clearly speak English; constantly use speech and hearing in communicating with customers and co-workers, giving and receiving instructions; Ability to use hand tools for assembly and soldering irons; Sufficient PC knowledge, hardware, and software (Word, Excel, Outlook).

We are always interested in quality professionals in every aspect of our business. To apply, email your resume to [email protected]


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