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Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

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Optical fibers and optical cable assemblies are critical components in the complete system chain of an online analyzer or turnkey solution. Making the link between light sources such as Xenon flash lamps, Tungsten lights or Raman lasers, and probes, flow cells or sample compartments, and then sensors, spectrometers and detection systems, fiber assemblies must be designed and optimized to guarantee the conservation of the Optical Etendue and maximum system throughput.

Selecting the fiber material (borosilicate glass, low-OH fused silica, high-OH fused silica, etc…) based on the application and spectral range of interest, and the numerical aperture of the fibers, is the first step.

Understanding the configuration of the light source, the sample interface, the size of the spot of light to be collected, the spectral resolution to be achieved, the slit width required, the height of the sensor in the spectrometer, is the next critical step in designing and optimizing custom fiberoptic cable assemblies.

Strategies such as the use of Round-to-Line cross-sectional converters at the input of tec5USA’s spectrometers have long been in place. The addition of multi-channel requirements, multi-probe inputs, optical switchers and electronics multiplexers, sequential and simultaneous modes of acquisitions, multi-leg fiber bundles, etc… add an additional layer of complexity to a complete system optimization.

Trust the experience of our Spectroscopy team at tec5USA to carefully design, review, optimize and deliver the right fiber bundles, converters and custom fiber assemblies for your OEM and turnkey solutions.

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  • Long experience in optical design and Spectroscopy.
  • In-depth understanding of optical fiber technology and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Access to a network of raw material manufacturers for custom fiber draws.
  • Control of every component and specification at each step of the process.

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