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Ultrasonic Levitator

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The Ultrasonic Levitator is a powerful tool which facilitates the performance of a variety of investigations on single particles or droplets. As it suspends the levitated object contactless in a fixed position, the process under investigation is not disturbed by the influence of a contacting surface. The Levitator with its various optional features is designed to be applicable to manifold scientific discipline. Comprised of the process chamber and control unit, the Ultrasonic levitator utilizes an operation frequency of 58 kHz or 100 kHz with free jet nozzle and piezo add-on options for additional control.

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  • Fault-free analysis of liquids and solids
  • Compact design
  • Control unit optionally as table-top unit or built-in version
  • High-quality and high-contrast LED display for status messages
  • Increased stability and performance of the acoustic field through intelligent frequency optimization


  • Operation frequency 58 kHz or 100 kHz
  • Particle diameter range 15 µm – 2.5 mm
  • Wavelength of standing acoustic wave 5.71 mm
  • HF Power 0.65 - 5 Watt
  • AC power 220 V/50 Hz or 110 V/ 60 Hz
  • Fuse 160 mA (220 V), 320 mA (110 V)
  • Modulation frequency 10 Hz – 2 kHz
  • Modulation amplitude 0 – 2 Vpp
  • Operation temperature 0 - 70°C
  • Relative humidity 10 - 90%
  • Chamber material Duran-Glass
  • Diameter of chamber 75 mm (single-walled chamber)
    100 mm (double-walled chamber)
  • Output voltage 200 mVpp (reflector with piezoelectric sensor only)
  • Inner diameter of nozzle 1 mm (reflector with free jet nozzle only)

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