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NIR Distance Measurement Head

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The tec5USA Distance Measurement Head is designed for measurements over large distances, such as samples on a conveyer belt. The variable working distance allows for measurements in close and far proximity to the sample, with an irradiation spot size of ~22 mm. The high protection class and scratch-resistant optics permit the measurement head to be integrated into harsh industrial environments. The measurement head illuminates the sample with a 45°/0° angle configuration and contains a long-life halogen light source to guarantee device reliability.
For food, feed, and agricultural production facilities, tec5USA’s over-belt Distance Measurement Head includes a NIR and/or Visible spectrometer in an IP69 stainless steel housing. This ingress protection withstands the dust, high-pressure water, and chemicals experienced in cleaning and wash-down cycles.  The NIR spectrometer wavelength range is 1000-1700 nm or can be expanded to 1000-2200 nm. A visible spectrometer (300-780 nm) can be used as a standalone system to measure color or combined with a NIR spectrometer to create a multifaceted and high-performing system to generate chemical, quality, and color data simultaneously within seconds.


  • Designed for measurements over large distances
  • High Ingress Protection class
  • Permanent reference
  • Optional IP69 Enclosure


  • Light source Long-life halogen, 20 - 50 W
  • Shutter Automatic
  • Detection angle
  • Fiber Coupling SMA
  • Spot size ~ 22 mm
  • Reference White, diffuse reflectance tile
  • Wavelength range NIR
  • Interfaces RS-485
  • Environmental Protection IP65
  • Working Distance 150 – 500 mm

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