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Raman Tidus XP Immersion Probe

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The Tidus Raman probe is suitable for laboratory and process sampling. This fiber-optically coupled probe has a modular construction which maximizes sample opportunities. Noncontact optics can be used to measure through windows, bottles, or simply at a convenient distance from a sample. Process optics are available, which also provide an interlock for safe operation of the Laser.

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  • Ideal for Instrument manufacturers (OEM), as it can be adapted to specific application requirements. Options include:
  • Size and material
  • Optics and connectors
  • Excitation wavelength and filters


  • Outer diameter 20 mm
  • Focus 2.1 mm
  • Material of Construction Stainless Steel (316L), Hastelloy (others upon request)
  • Sealing Perlast G75S
  • Excitation Wavelength 785 nm
  • Wavenumber Range 250 – 3900 cm-1
  • Excitation Fiber 100 µm, Connector: FC/APC
  • Detection Fiber 600 µm, Connector: SMA
  • Temperature Range 5°C – 180°C (41°F – 356°F)
  • Pressure range 0 – 40 bar at room temperature (580 psi), 31 bar at 200°C (450 psi at 392°F), 27 bar at 300°C (392 psi at 572°F), 25 bar at 400°C (363 psi at 752°F)
  • Immersion Depth 5 mm-240mm
  • PMA Housing Yes
  • Safety Interlock Connector on Probe Yes
  • Laser Status LED Yes

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