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Contact Measurement Head

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NIRON II is an active measurement head, designed for contact measurements on powders, granules and turbid fluids in the NIR wavelength range. The head illuminates the sample with a 45°/0° angle configuration and contains two long-life halogen lamps of 10,000 hours lifetime each; one in operation and one as a spare. An internal reference standard is integrated in order to provide automatic reference intensity. A sophisticated electronic control checks the function of lamps and motor for reference upon startup. During operation of the measurement head, the function of the lamp is supervised continuously. In case of failure, the spare lamp is activated and failure is communicated in a status message.


  • Designed for contact measurements
  • Rugged design
  • Dust and splash water protected
  • Integrated white reference
  • Dual illumination sources


  • Material (housing) Aluminum
  • Material (flange) Stainless steel, sapphire
  • Light source 5 W Halogen
  • Shutter Automatic
  • Illumination angle 45°
  • Detection angle
  • Fib 0.6 nm
  • Fiber Coupling SMA
  • Reference White, PTFE standard
  • Wavelength range NIR
  • Interface RS-485
  • Environmental Protection IP65
  • Power Supply 24 VDC

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