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tec5usa is proud to introduce the Smart Spectrometer Electronics. These next generation spectrometer electronics will be essential for developing today’s spectroscopy applications, taking on all aspects of your application.

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Modular Design: The modular design allows for flexibility and scalability in spectroscopy systems. By separating the main components into different boards (Main Board, Power Supply Board, Sensor Board, Light Control Board and Temperature Control Board), the system can be easily customized and upgraded according to specific application requirements. This architecture is particularly well suited for OEM integration.

Advanced Processing Capabilities: The integration of the SoC AMD Zynq-7000 dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor enables powerful embedded spectroscopic analysis. This allows for real-time processing of UV-Vis, NIR, and Raman spectra, including preprocessing steps such as range correction, DC correction, referencing, filtering, etc. Additionally, the predictive engines running on the second core facilitate advanced data analysis using various software tools such as Python scripts, MATLAB, Eigenvector Solo, etc. Other advanced features include secure boot and anti-tampering technology to address today’s security concerns.

Multiple Sensor Boards and Integration with External Sensors: The system’s architecture supports simultaneous use of up to four Sensor Boards, thus increasing parallelism and throughput. Moreover, the system’s versatility allows for integration of external sensors such as temperature, pressure and vibration allowing to calibrate out environmental perturbations. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of spectroscopic analysis, particularly in harsh environments or demanding applications.

Predictive Maintenance: The system includes features for predictive maintenance of light sources, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the spectroscopy system. This helps minimize downtime and ensures consistent measurement quality over time.

High-Speed Data Acquisition: The high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) provide fast acquisition and accurate conversion, enabling high-resolution spectroscopic measurements. This is particularly beneficial for applications requiring precise spectral analysis at rapid data acquisition rates.

Light Control Boards: The integration of Light Control Boards for various light sources (Tungsten-Halogen, Deuterium, Xe-Flash, LED and Lasers) enhances the flexibility and control of the spectroscopy system. This allows for precise tuning of light sources according to the specific requirements of the spectroscopic analysis.

SSE Smart Spectrometer Electronics

Above is a picture of the board stack showing, from top to bottom, the Temperature Control Board, the Main Board and the Power Board.

Above is the Sensor Board. The Main Board can be connected to a PC or a control device via GigE or USB, allowing the possibility of high-level integration into a full-fledged process control system. For reference, this eventual system could be based on popular process interfaces, such as Modbus TCP, OPC UA, Profibus DP and 4-20 mA.


  • Sensors Supported
    Cooled and Uncooled
    CCDs: S703X, S11071, S1115X
    PDAs: S390X, S838X
    CMOS: S11639-01, S11637, S13496, S12198
    InGaAs: G920X, G1X
  • Architecture Modularity Pre-Amplifiers
    Front-End Electronics
    Communication Interface
    Electronics Multiplexers
    Peripheral (power supply, temperature sensor)
  • A/D Conversion CCDs: 16-bit
    PDAs: 15 or 16-bit
    CMOS: 16-bit
    InGaAs: 15 to 16-bit
  • Readout Rate CCDs: 500-1,000 kPixels/s
    PDAs: 100-1,000 kPixels/s
    CMOS: 1M or 10M Pixels/s
    InGaAs: 500 kPixels/s
  • Communication Interfaces USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0
    Ethernet 802.3 10, 100 and 1000 Base-T

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