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OEM Sensor Electronics

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tec5USA develops and integrates high-end modular OEM Electronics to extract the best performance from the linear CCD, PDA, CMOS and InGaAs sensors configured in its optical benches, spectrometers and online analyzers.

These Sensor Electronics are available to OEM Customers for integration into their own spectroscopy and camera platforms, with hardware, firmware and software customization available upon request, for qualified projects.

The families of OEM Electronics developed by tec5USA support four categories of detectors, with a robust modularity in terms of system architecture. Uncooled, thermally-stabilized and cooled sensors are supported as follows:

  • Back-Thinned CCDs:
    • S703X series (S7030, S7031)
    • S11071, S11851 and S1466X series
    • S1115X series (S11155, S11156)
  • Photodiode Array PDAs:
    • S390X series (S3901 to S3904)
    • S838X series (S8381 to S8384)
  • Linear CMOS:
    • S11639-01, S11637
    • S13496, S12198
  • SWIR InGaAs:
    • G920X series
    • G1X series

tec5USA Electronics architecture is modular, comprised of functional building blocks which allow the introduction and support of new families of sensors with minimal revisions or modifications:

  • Pre-Amplifiers Electronics, also known as Sensor Boards, connected to the linear sensors via chip socket, providing power and making the interface for timing and clock schemes with the Front-End Electronics.
  • Front-End Electronics, for Readout Timing, Control Logic and A/D Conversion functions, communicating with the Interface Electronics.
  • Interface & Communication Electronics, for USB, Ethernet or PCIe, for Readout Control, Data Buffer, External I/Os and PC Interface.
  • Electronics Multiplexers, for PDAs, for simultaneous acquisition of up to 8 sensors.
  • TE-Cooler satellite boards: Optional, for use with TE-cooled sensors.
  • Peripheral boards: Optional, for Power supply boards, Temperature sensor boards, etc…

Contact our Electronics Team at tec5USA to discuss your requirements and define the best sensor and electronics configurations for your Spectroscopy and Process needs.

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  • Sensors Supported
    Cooled and Uncooled
    CCDs: S703X, S11071, S1115X
    PDAs: S390X, S838X
    CMOS: S11639-01, S11637, S13496, S12198
    InGaAs: G920X, G1X
  • Architecture Modularity Pre-Amplifiers
    Front-End Electronics
    Communication Interface
    Electronics Multiplexers
    Peripheral (power supply, temperature sensor)
  • A/D Conversion CCDs: 16-bit
    PDAs: 15 or 16-bit
    CMOS: 16-bit
    InGaAs: 15 to 16-bit
  • Readout Rate CCDs: 500-1,000 kPixels/s
    PDAs: 100-1,000 kPixels/s
    CMOS: 1M or 10M Pixels/s
    InGaAs: 500 kPixels/s
  • Communication Interfaces USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0
    Ethernet 802.3 10, 100 and 1000 Base-T

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