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Scientific Process Control for your Petfood Operations

How to Make More Money & Improve Product Consistency
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Join us for an informative webinar on “Scientific Process Control for your Petfood Operations: How to make more money & improve product consistency.” This webinar is designed to provide industry professionals, pet food manufacturers, and quality control experts with valuable insights and practical guidance on effectively implementing process control strategies to enhance production efficiency and product consistency simultaneously. Process control is essential in the pet food industry to ensure consistent product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.

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From sorting incoming raw material, mixing ratios, optimized cooking and drying, and finally final product analysis will be highlighted to save money and increase your output. This webinar will explore four key learning points that are critical for successful process control implementation: NIR theory for petfood analysis, online spectroscopy means laboratory data without the lab, multiple NIR measurement/CCP in petfood production, and strategies for using data analytics for feedback loops. We will discuss a roadmap to implement online NIR spectrometers into your production chain top optimize yield and product consistency. In this webinar, Dr. Nate Stebbins, an analytical food chemist and application scientist, tec5USA, will provide insight into scientific process control to improve petfood operations using online near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy for real-time quantification of protein, moisture, fat, fiber, ash, and more.

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Please join Dr. Nate Stebbins as he discusses innovative solutions for your petfood operations and how to make more money and improve product consistency.

Scientific Process Control for your Petfood Operations: How to Make More Money & Improve Product Consistency

Dr. Nate Stebbins

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Application Scientist and Business Development Manager for Petfood, Meat, Dairy, Baking, Confectionary, Feed, & Agriculture, tec5USA
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Dr. Nate Stebbins is an Application Scientist and Business Development Manager at tec5USA. He is an analytical food chemist and former associate director of the corporate laboratory in the meat industry. He has several peer-reviewed publications and application notes about food testing topics ranging from natural colorants, veterinary drug residues, and biochemical pathways of plant extracts. Dr. Stebbins is interested in improving the food production system through technology. His hobbies include volleyball, woodworking, and farming.

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