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UV-Vis Spectroscopy for Monitoring H2S in Sulfur Recovery Unit

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Sulfur is a well-known contaminant in fossil fuels. It is known to poison various catalysts in the refining of crude in the petrochemistry industry. Sulfur is typically captured from the crude using amine-based solutions to generate the sulfur-free sweet crude. The captured sulfur in the form of H2S then accumulates in the sour water stripper and need to be recovered as elemental sulfur. Sulfur Recovery units (SRUs) downstream of the sour water stripper are employed for this purpose. The sulfur recovery takes place through an equilibrium process called the Claus process. It is very important to monitor the conc. of H2S coming into the SRU in real-time as this dictate how much of oxygen needs to be added to convert the H2S into SO2 through partial oxidation in the first step of the Claus process. Please join us on Thursday, November 10th to see how UV-Vis Process Spectroscopy can help monitor the Sulfur Recovery Process in real time.

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Please join Dr. Arindom Saha as he discusses the application of process UV-Vis spectroscopy in monitoring H2S concentration in the Sulfur Recovery Process.

UV-Vis Spectroscopy for Monitoring H2S in Sulfur Recovery Unit

Dr. Arindom Saha

Dr. Arindom Saha

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Application Scientist and Business Development Manager
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Dr. Arindom Saha is an Application Scientist and Business Development Manager at tec5USA overseeing the Chemistry & Petrochemistry division. He is an Inorganic chemist by training who has a wide range of experience in various energy related fields in both R & D and Application development. He has experience in handling technical sales accounts worth millions of dollars in multinational organizations.

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