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OrdLoc Centaur

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The Centaur series of turnkey analyzers has been designed for indoor and outdoor process control in adherence with OrdLoc requirements. Presented with aluminum or stainless steel enclosures, with option for a hygienic version, the Centaur family is built around tec5USA’s tecSaaS embedded electronics and real-time data processing without the need for a PC.

Also available:

tec5USA’s spectroscopy building blocks (light sources, spectrometers, electronics, multiplexers, sample interfaces and probes) can be configured and integrated in different platforms and enclosures, each answering the need of a specific purpose, environment, application or norm and safety requirement: Harpy for OEM integration, Chimera for control room, Cyclops for CID1, Griffin for CID2, Centaur for OrdLoc, Minotaur for Ex-proof HazLoc.

Please refer to the details below and to our additional Technology Platform product pages for additional information regarding each family.

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  • For process control, indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Industrial enclosure options in aluminum or stainless steel for harsh environment.
  • Integrated or independent light source.
  • Active or passive cooling for light sources.
  • All spectrometer options are available.
  • Ingress Protection (IP) up to 69K.
  • Integrated with high-speed electronics for fast data acquisitions and data processing with a PC or Embedded electronics with in-built real-time data processing capabilities, no PC required for normal operation.
  • Complies to CE, UL/cUL 61010-1.
  • Hygienic design with FDA grade silicone gasket and 316L stainless steel with electroplating finish for hygienic and 3-A sanitary standards.
  • Various process interfaces options: Modbus, 4-20mA, Profibus, EtherCAT etc.


  • CID1 Cyclops
    CID2 Griffin
    Oil and Gas, specifically Downstream, including refinery.
    Petrochemical applications, including Polymer production.
    Chemical applications, including, but not limited to, specialty chemical production.
    Moisture in Natural Gas.
  • OrdLoc Centaur Beer brewing, specifically fermentation.
    Biofuel production.
    Desalinization applications.
  • Ex-proof HazLoc Minotaur Biofuel production.
  • Control Room Chimera Thin-films and Metrology; Semiconductor.
    Material science.
    Pharma, Biotechnology.
  • OEM & Lab Harpy Semiconductor, Life sciences, Bio-technologies, Pharma, Medical.

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