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CMOS Sensors

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With the emergence of new CMOS technology, many applications take advantage of the new powerful, versatile and cost-effective CMOS detectors designed for spectroscopy instrumentation. The range of these CMOS linear image sensors, supported by tec5USA’s high-speed electronics, includes high-resolution, high-sensitivity types S11639 and S13496, as well as high dynamic range types S12198 and S11637 sensors.

These CMOS sensors, in comparison to the previous generation of front-illuminated sensors like the Sony ILX511B, deliver greater full well (100ke-), lower readout noise (15 to 20e-), better UV-VIS sensitivity and more consistent sensor-to-sensor QE response.

These affordable, high-speed, sensitive linear CMOS sensors have answered the need of markets and applications where high-frame rate and good SNR performance are required. Optical Coherence Tomography and LIBS are two prime examples.

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  • High sensitivity and high dynamic range.
    High resistance in UV region.
  • Ultrafast readout [up to 15,000 spectra / second].
  • E-shutter function.
    Variable integration time.


  • Low-cost, good quality sensors.
  • Ease of integration.
    Operation from a single 5V supply.
  • Well suited for OCT and LIBS instrumentation.


  • Technology Linear front-illuminated CMOS
  • Sensor format S11639-01: 2,048 pixels
    S11637: 1,024 and 2,048 pixels
    S12198: 512 and 1,024 pixels
    S13496: 4,096 pixels
  • Pixel format S11639-01: 14µm x 200µm
    S11637: 12.5µm x 500µm
    S12198: 25µm x 500µm
    S13496: 7µm x 200µm
  • Full well (typ.) S11639-01: 80 to 100 ke-
  • Readout noise (typ.) S11639-01: 15 to 20 e-
  • Frame rate S11639-01: > 4,000 frames/s
    S11637: > 5,000 frames/s
    S12198: > 10,000 frames/s
    S13496: > 2,000 frames/s

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