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Photodiode Array (PDA) Detectors

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PDA sensors are dedicated to spectroscopy applications and experiments that require very large dynamic range and excellent linearity response. Absorbance-type applications and instrumentation, such as UV Detectors for HPLC or Peptide synthesis analyzers, or VIS colorimeters, take full advantage of the PDA sensor performance, its very large pixel full well and its moderate readout noise.

To utilize the large full well made available by these sensors, strong light sources and optimized signal collection and layout are required. Deuterium lamps for UV absorbance and Xenon flash lamps for UV-VIS measurements are two solid options.

PDA sensors are offered in several versions of height, width, pixel pitch and number of pixels, to adapt to the spectrometer platforms they will be configured with. Newer generations of PDA detectors offer smoother and higher QE response in the UV and UV-VIS regions, with enhanced full well and lower readout noise for even larger dynamic range performance.

It is to be noted that PDA detectors remain susceptible to burn-in when exposed to high intensity UV light, a phenomenon that slightly reduces the total available full well over time, but can be easily factored out by doing dark signal subtraction.

tec5USA has developed exclusive electronics multiplexer solutions to operate up to 8 PDA spectrometers, such as our MMS miniature devices, in parallel, with a single electronics. This unique architecture allows, for example, both Reference and Sample to be acquired in a reflectometer setup for lamp correction, or for multiple samples to be collected at the same time in a multi-channel acquisition, high-throughput apparatus.

Please consult with our Spectroscopy team at tec5USA to discuss your application and explore the PDA sensor options available in terms of budget, desired dynamic range, signal collection, spectral range, sensitivity, frame rate, expose times, etc…

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  • Very large pixel full well, from 50Me- to 1Ge-, with excellent signal linearity without the need for software correction.
  • Improved QE response, with smoother and enhanced response in the UV spectral region.
    NIR-enhanced response also available in select versions.
  • Available in NMOS and in CMOS architectures, each requiring different driving signals and voltages.
    Can be operated in conjunction with a flash lamp, in a multi-task, signal accumulation pattern.
  • Several PDA pixel and sensor formats available, to adapt to varying needs in spectral coverage, dispersion, resolution and signal collection.
  • Compatible with tec5USA’s exclusive electronics multiplexer, where one single electronics can simultaneously operate and read up to 8 PDA sensors for multi-channel operation.


  • The best sensors for high dynamic range, high linearity spectroscopy measurements.
  • Better resilience against UV and high-intensity light burn-in, compared to previous generations.
  • Solid, robust sensor, not easily damaged by ESD, well adapted to industrial environments.


  • Sensor format 128, 256, 512, 1024-pixel Horizontal
    x 1 pixel Vertical
  • Pixel format 25µm and 50µm pitch
    0.5mm and 2.5mm height
  • Full well From 50Me- to 1Ge-
  • Packaging Ceramic carrier.
    SMT as an option for some low-cost versions.

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