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InGaAs Detectors and Sensors

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InGaAs linear sensors are detectors for SWIR spectroscopy applications, where CCD, PDA and CMOS silicon-based sensors are no longer sensitive, from 900nm to 2.5µm. Available in uncooled and TE-cooled packages, InGaAs sensors deliver high sensitivity and low readout noise, as well as high frame rates, with a good linear response. They are well suited for NIR absorbance/reflectance applications, such as conveyor belt plastic sorting and recycling, moisture content measurement in the food and feed industries, or hyperspectral and medical imaging.

InGaAs sensors are offered in “standard” and “extended” versions. The standard version delivers sensitivity from 900nm to 1.7µm, while the extended version reaches up to 2.2 or 2.5µm. tec5USA’s NIR spectrometers, such as the PGS series, are designed accordingly, with different spectral ranges and sensors available.

Due to the higher dark current rate of InGaAs sensors compared to their silicon counterparts, cooling is most often required to lower dark noise contribution and ensure an adequate SNR and dynamic range.

In addition to SWIR spectrometer benches, tec5USA develops a family of drive and cooling electronics for linear InGaAs detectors, available as OEM solutions and cameras.

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  • Extended sensitivity, from 900nm to 1.7µm or 2.2µm.
  • Low readout noise, reduced fixed pattern noise.
    Good SNR performance (TE-cooling recommended).
  • Fast readout with tec5USA electronics.
    Up to 1,000 spectra / s.


  • QE and Response Standard: 900nm to 1.7µm
    Extended: 900nm to 2.2µm or 2.5µm
  • Sensor format 1D linear array – 256 or 512 pixels
  • Pixel format Height: 500µm
    Width: 25µm or 50µm
  • Frame rate Up to 1,000 spectra / s
  • Packaging Ceramic uncooled
    Sealed TE-cooled

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