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Concave Holographic and Diffraction Gratings for Spectrometers

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Aberration-corrected concave imaging holographic gratings are the key elements in the design of outstanding, high-performance optical benches, spectrometers and monochromators for critical applications that require high-throughput and best optical purity for applications such as Fluorescence and Absorbance.

The concave grating does it all: Both the dispersion & diffraction of the light, and the imaging & focusing onto the detector, without the need for additional optics. The simple design guarantees a robust assembly between input, grating and detector, with superb thermal stability, essential for devices used in industrial environments.

Careful design of the gratings at time of conception, precise holographic recording of the master and controlled replication processes in pristine laboratory environment guarantee an optical component that will deliver the best signal purity at the highest throughput possible, consistently, grating after grating, years after years.

Flat-field concave gratings are designed to work with linear sensors (CCD, PDA, CMOS, InGaAs) in a single channel input configuration and, sometimes, in a multi-channel / multi-fiber input layout thanks to the very good imaging characteristics of the gratings.

Contact our Spectroscopy Team at tec5USA to discuss your project in full confidentiality. We will assist you in identifying the best grating and spectrometer solutions, or work to define a Custom grating design, specific to your requirements, geometrical layout, and exclusive to your needs.

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  • Maximum throughput and signal collection between signal input and sensor output.
    No astigmatism with excellent correction of the aberrations, ensuring optimal focusing of the photons onto the sensor.
  • High efficiency gratings thanks to blazing and ion-etching, with a major improvement in SNR performance.
    Superior throughput compared to traditional pseudo-sinusoidal gratings.
  • Ultra-low stray light contribution thanks to thorough and careful controls at every step of the process, from master grating design and holographic recording, to high-volume replication.


  • High throughput, simplified spectrometer design with only one optical component required.
    Concave gratings deliver both diffraction and focusing onto the linear sensor without any additional optics.
  • Compact, extremely cost-efficient optical bench with folded layout compared to transmission grating-based spectrometers.
  • Unsurpassed stray light rejection performance over traditional Czerny-Turner benches.
    The solution of choice for demanding applications such as Absorbance, Colorimetry, Hematology, detectors for separation analysis and liquid chromatography, etc…
  • Available as grating only, or as a component of a pre-aligned opto-mechanical sub-assembly for cost-efficient OEM integration.


  • Diameter From ≤Ø25 mm to ≥Ø65 mm
  • Focal length From ≤50 mm to ≥400 mm
  • Groove density From ≤150 to ≥2,500 gr/mm
  • Dispersion From ≤1 nm/mm to ≥50 nm/mm
  • Substrate N-BK7, N-ZK7, Fused Silica, Zerodur, etc…
  • Coating Aluminum, Gold, etc.
  • Relative efficiency Aluminum, Gold, etc.
  • Spectral range UV, UV-VIS, UV-NIR, VIS-NIR, NIR

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