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Rowland Circle Gratings

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Rowland circle gratings are the first family of the holographic concave gratings series, presenting equidistant parallel grooves, without correction of optical aberrations. These gratings are used in the Rowland circle configuration where input, grating and detector(s) are arranged on the same circle defined by the radius of curvature of the grating.

Even though there can be significant vertical astigmatism at the focal point(s), this does not damage significantly the spectral resolution that can be achieved.

Rowland circle gratings find their unique use in OES-ICP applications for example, with an array of single-channel PMTs arranged on this Rowland circle periphery. The detectors are placed at specific locations on the circle to capture specific OES lines of key elements.

Careful design of the gratings at time of conception, precise holographic recording of the master and controlled replication processes in pristine laboratory environment guarantee an optical component that will deliver the best signal purity at the highest throughput possible, consistently, grating after grating, years after years.

Contact our Spectroscopy Team at tec5USA to discuss your project in full confidentiality. We will assist you in identifying the best grating and Rowland circle layout solutions, or work to define a Custom grating design, specific to your requirements, geometry, and exclusive to your needs.

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  • Unique family of gratings for use in Rowland circle configuration for applications such as OES-ICP.
  • Low stray light contribution thanks to thorough and careful controls at every step of the process, from master grating design and holographic recording, to high-volume replication.


  • Concave gratings deliver both diffraction and focusing onto the linear sensor without any additional optics. Delivers high resolution.
  • Available as grating only, or as a component of a pre-aligned opto-mechanical sub-assembly for cost-efficient OEM integration.


  • Diameter From ≤Ø35 mm to ≥Ø80 mm
  • Focal length From ≤300 mm to ≥2,000 mm
  • Groove density From ≤1,200 to ≥3,600 gr/mm
  • Substrate N-BK7, N-ZK7, Fused Silica, Zerodur, etc…
  • Coating Aluminum, Gold, etc.
  • Spectral range UV, UV-VIS, UV-NIR, VIS-NIR

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