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Plane Gratings for Spectrometers & Monochromators

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Plane gratings are a versatile component to use for the design of spectral engines, mostly in fixed, flat-field and scanning Czerny-Tuner and Fastie-Ebert layouts. Their large offering and availability in terms of type, groove density, blazed wavelength and substrate dimensions, allow the optical designers to build and evaluate instrumentation quickly.

Plane gratings also enable spectroscopy designs where other types of gratings, such as concave gratings, do not perform well. Applications in LIBS, Raman and Optical Coherence Tomography demand high spectral resolution, only achieved with designs incorporating plane gratings and additional optics (mirrors or lenses).

Plane gratings are manufactured from the replication of a master grating produced either by mechanical ruling or by holographic recording techniques, in a controlled environment. Each recording method brings its set of advantages.

Ruled plane gratings are particularly suitable for spectral engine designs that require high resolution. They are also capable of delivering very high relative efficiency at their blazed wavelength.

Holographic plane gratings offer a smoother relative efficiency over a larger spectral range, with lower stray light contribution compared to their ruled counterparts. The holographic recording, the result of two laser beam interference over a photoresist layer, allows for different groove shapes to be recorded: sinusoidal, semi-sinusoidal, laminar, blaze or echelle.

Contact our Spectroscopy Team at tec5USA to discuss your project in full confidentiality. We will assist you in identifying the best grating, monochromator or spectrometer solution, or work to define a Custom grating design, specific to your requirements, geometrical layout, and exclusive to your needs.

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  • Mechanically ruled gratings offer uniform groove sequence and few ghosts, ensuring low stray light contribution, thanks to high-performance, unique ruling engines.
  • High-quality, flat master and replica substrates guarantee excellent wavefront with ultra-low distorsion, allowing high resolving power and spectral resolution in the final instrument.
  • Low near-end stray light contribution is possible thanks to thorough and careful controls at every step of the process, from master grating design and holographic recording to high-volume replication.


  • Wide choice of off-the-shelf plane gratings available, for a versatile and modular optical instrumentation design.
  • Integrated in compact optical benches, with folded Czerny-Turner layout compared to larger transmission grating-based spectrometers.
  • Capability to tune spectral ranges of interest and deliver high spectral resolution for demanding applications such as LIBS, Raman or OCT.
  • Available as grating only, or as a component of a pre-aligned opto-mechanical sub-assembly for cost-efficient OEM integration.


  • Type Mechanically Ruled
    Holographic sinusoidal and blazed
  • Dimensions From ≤15x15 mm to ≥100x100 mm
  • Groove density From ≤25 to ≥3,600 gr/mm
  • Substrate N-BK7, N-ZK7, Fused Silica, Zerodur, etc…
  • Coating Aluminum, Gold
  • Relative efficiency Up to 80+% thanks to blazing and ion-etching
  • Spectral range UV, UV-VIS, UV-NIR, VIS-NIR, NIR, MIR

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