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Deuterium Lamp for UV-Visible Spectroscopy

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Deuterium lamps (D2) are light sources that use an arc discharge in low pressure Deuterium gas. They emit an intense spectrum in the UV region, delivering unsurpassed stability performance. The lamps offer long lifetime (2,000 hours typ.), excellent stability and high spectral UV-VIS throughput for applications such as UV absorbance, liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, peptide synthesis, water analysis, etc…

To achieve optimum performance, lifetime and stability, Deuterium lamps need to be carefully integrated in well-designed housings and driven by adequate power supplies.

tec5USA has developed opto-mechanical modules and specific drive electronics to operate these lamps in the most efficient manner, incorporating them in our modular spectroscopy instrumentation and in our online analyzer turnkey solutions.

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  • Special envelope for high resistance to UV light, without fogging.
    No ozone generation on select models.
  • Ceramic electrodes, with uniform spacing.
    Excellent temperature characteristics against ambient conditions, ensuring high stability.
  • Excellent short-term and peak-to-peak stability, for consistent, reliable UV output.


  • Long lifetime – 2,000 hours min. guaranteed.
  • For broadband spectral applications, see-through options are available, allowing the coupling of the Deuterium lamp with a Tungsten Halogen light source.


  • Output power 30W
  • Aperture Ø0.5mm or Ø1.0mm
  • Lifetime at 230nm 2,000 hours guaranteed
  • Envelope material UV glass or Fused silica
  • Spectral output 185nm to 400nm (main contributing region)
  • Maximum drift +/- 0.3% / hour
  • Fluctuation (p-p) 0.005% typical
  • Option See-through version available for coupling with W lamp

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