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OEM Light Source Modules

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The miniature Process Lamp unit LS-HMP is a compact, universal-use OEM light source module, designed for integration into VIS/VIS-NIR optical instrumentation. Its main configuration includes two redundant long-life Tungsten Halogen lamps with a lifetime of 30,000 hours each, but various other halogen sources, LEDs and laser diodes can be integrated as well.

The light source module comes with fiber-optic interface and filter holder, lamp control with all process-relevant security functions, such as shutter and lamp monitoring, and temperature control. Various communication interfaces, including I²C and RS-485, are available.

A sophisticated control electronic checks the function of lamps and shutter motor upon startup. During operation, the lamp is monitored continuously. In case of failure, the spare lamp is activated automatically, and failure is communicated in a status message. Head and PCB temperatures are monitored continuously, in addition to operating hours of the two sources. The control interface facilitates access to the available data.

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  • Controlled OEM light source module, configurable with several types of sources (Halogen, LED, Laser diode).
  • Primary version includes long-life halogen lamps with a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours total run-time.
  • Automatic lamp and lifetime monitoring, temperature and shutter controls.
  • 24/7 operation and redundant architecture with 2 identical light sources.


  • Easy lamp exchange through service opening from outside a housing.
  • Filter(s) can be integrated for optimization of the spectral characteristics [e.g. conversion or bandpass filter].
  • Optimized for use and synchronization with tec5 spectrometer electronics with direct connection through I²C or RS-485.
  • Alternating usage of the 2 channels as light source with switchable properties, e.g. different intensities or spectral features [2 different LEDs or halogen with filters]. Both channels can be controlled independently.


  • Lamp types Tungsten Halogen, LED or Laser diode.
    Lamp types vary in intensity, lifetime and spectral range.
  • Lifetime Typ. 30,000 hrs / lamp for Tungsten Halogen.
  • Supply voltage Typ. 5V DC
  • Current 0.2 - 2 A
  • Communication interface I2C, RS-485
  • Control of lamps Yes, with current and voltage monitoring.
  • Control of shutter Yes, with direct control of motor and feedback of position.
  • Dimensions 80 x 44 x 50 mm
  • Material Aluminum housing
  • Optical interface SMA

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