Xenon flash lamps are light sources that emit pulses of light at regular intervals, typically triggered by a signal function generator, a spectrometer or a detection system. Xenon flash lamps, with their high energy output, combined with high repeat rate, low heat generation and long lifetime (>10^9 flashes), are used in numerous UV-VIS spectroscopy and industrial applications such as water analysis, colorimetry or reflectometry.

The amount of energy contained in each pulse and the repeat rate depend on the internal main discharge capacitance of the flash lamp and on the main discharge voltage that can be set by the user, typically between 400 and 1,000V.

The emitted light, an almost instantaneous high peak output, covers the UV-VIS-NIR spectral region. Different window materials can be selected for specific spectral requirements.

The Xenon flash lamp produces a flash several microseconds after the trigger signal. Time jitter of a few hundreds of nanosecond also occurs at each flash. This time delay and time jitter must be factored in when triggering / synchronizing the spectrometer electronics for full capture of the flash.

tec5USA has developed high-end Xenon flash lamp drive electronics to work in conjunction with our families of spectrometers and sensors. tec5USA “BEKFLASH” electronics can create multiple trigger pulses out of one main pulse from the operating electronics. The cycle is started by this trigger pulse, n trigger pulses with the selected timing / frequency are then generated by the trigger board within one scan. Used with tec5 Operating Electronics for photodiode arrays and spectral sensors, controlling the number of flashes in a series within an integration period allows to change the light level and results in an improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio by accumulating and averaging multiple flashes.

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  • High efficiency spectral output.
  • High stability and peak-to-peak repeatability.
  • Low heat generation and long life.
    Different power inputs available (2W, 5W, 20W).


  • Fully integrated within tec5USA electronics solutions with dedicated, smart trigger electronics for multi-flash averaging operation.
  • Complemented by tec5USA’s PDA electronics multiplexers for Reference & Sample simultaneous channel acquisition and lamp variation correction.


  • Specifications for 20W 0.5 J / flash
  • Arc size 1.5 mm
  • Window material
    Spectral distribution
    Borosilicate: 225 to 1,100nm
    UV glass: 185 to 1,100 nm
    MgF2: 160 to 1,100 nm
  • Main discharge voltage 400 to 1,000 V
  • Main discharge capacitance 0.64 / 0.32 / 0.1 µF
  • Light output stability 0.9% CV / 4.5% pk-pk typ.
  • Guaranteed life > 10^9 flashes
  • Also available 2W – 8.5 mJ / flash
    2W – 40 mJ / flash
    5W in different versions of energy and repeat rates.


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