The MMS spectrometer is a miniature, monolithic platform designed for industrial applications requiring excellent thermal and environmental stability. Configured with tall 2.5mm PDAs, the devices are offered in three spectral ranges: UV, VIS and VIS-NIR.

Body: The MMS 1 VIS spectrometer is designed around a full glass body onto which the concave grating is directly replicated for superior integration and reliability.</br>The MMS UV and UV-VIS versions are built around a Titanium housing, delivering ultra-low thermal drift, a leader in the industry.

Grating: All MMS benches are configured with aberration-corrected concave holographic flat-field gratings with high diffraction efficiency. The design ensures the best stray light rejection performance possible, despite the short focal length of the instrument.

Cross-section converter: For best signal collection and throughput performance, the MMS are fitted with a round-to-line fiber bundle converter comprised of up to 30 fibers. The fibers are presented as a line at the entrance of the spectrometer, acting as the physical slit. The converter is permanently attached to the body for best stability.

Sensor: Two types of 2.5mm tall PDA sensors are available, depending on the spectral range of interest: S3904 for UV and VIS versions, and S8381 for VIS-NIR enhanced version. Sensors are coated for rejection of the second order of diffraction. The combination of the cross-section converter and the height of the PDA ensures maximum signal collection.

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  • Monolithic, miniature spectrometer with unsurpassed thermal stability.
  • Built around an aberration-corrected concave imaging grating for best sensitivity and stray light rejection.
  • High-throughput device thanks to tall PDA sensor and matched fiber bundle converter.
  • Compatible with tec5USA’s exclusive electronics multiplexer (E-MUX) for simultaneous acquisition of up to 8 MMS devices together with one single electronics.


  • A low-stray light platform, well suited for Absorbance/Reflectance spectroscopy, configured with a high-end PDA sensor.
  • A miniature spectrometer designed to address multi-channel / multi-sampling requirements in industrial applications.
  • Cost-efficient solution thanks to the design simplicity and monolithic approach.


  • Permanent Input Round-to-Line fiber bundle Converter
    MMS 1 and MMS UV-VIS: qty 30 of Ø70/84µm fibers
    MMS UV: qty 15 of Ø70/84µm fibers
  • Grating Aberration-corrected concave holographic grating
    MMS 1 and MMS UV-VIS: 366 gr/mm
    MMS UV: 1,084 gr/mm
  • Sensor Hamamatsu 256-pixel, 2.5mm tall PDA
    MMS UV, MMS1, MMS UV-VIS: S3904N
    MMS 1 NIR Enhanced: S8381N
  • Spectral range MMS 1: 310-1,100 nm
    MMS UV-VIS: 190/250 nm to 720/780 nm
    MMS UV: 195-390 nm
  • Resolution MMS 1: 10 nm
    MMS UV-VIS: 7 nm
    MMS UV: 3 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy ≤ 0.2 nm to 0.5 nm depending on version
  • Temperature drift ≤ 0.005 to 0.01 nm/K depending on version
  • Stray light ≤ 0.3 % typical
  • Dimensions ≤ 70 x 60 x 40 mm

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