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UV-Vis NIR Spectrometer

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The MCS FLEX family of UV-VIS-NIR high-end spectrometers features a central, exclusive aluminum alloy housing for outstanding thermal stability and high repeatability. The aberration-corrected grating, the cross-section converter and the detector are all permanently connected via the central housing, ensuring a robust design and reliability.

Central body: The central body of the MCS FLEX spectrometers consists of a special aluminum alloy to ensure thermal stability (expansion coefficient ~ 13E-6).

Gratings: The gratings of the MCS FLEX family are holographic blazed/ion-etched imaging aberration-corrected flat-field concave gratings for optimized efficiency and best stray light performance. The concave grating, the unique optical component in the design, plays two major roles: the dispersion of light and its focusing onto the linear sensor.

Cross-section converters: A fiber bundle cross-section converter further optimizes signal collection. The linear arrangement of the individual fibers forms the entrance slit (slit height h is determined by the number of individual fibers; the slit width w is determined by the core diameter). The slit is adjusted to the pixel size of the detector used and to the imaging dispersion properties of the flat-field grating, enabling light intensities to reach the theoretical limit. The cross-section converter is an integral part of the spectrometer design, ensuring excellent stability.

Sensors: The MCS FLEX series is offered with high-end CCD and PDA sensors to take full advantage of the spectrometer platform optical performance.

The TE-cooled S7031-1006Q back-thinned CCD offers high QE across the whole UV-VIS-NIR spectral range, and delivers an outstanding full well (up to 1Me-) with very low readout noise. This scientific-grade CCD guarantees the most accurate spectroscopy measurements.

The S3904-1024 linear PDA, best suited for absorbance measurements, delivers high full well (>250Me-) and low readout noise, ensuring best dynamic range for demanding applications.

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  • The OEM flagship of compact spectrometer platforms for best optical purity and ultimate limit of detection performance.
  • Built around an aberration-corrected concave imaging grating for best sensitivity and stray light rejection.
  • High-throughput device thanks to tall CCD and PDA sensors and matched round-to-line cross-sectional converter.


  • A high throughput, ultra-low stray light optical bench designed for the most sensitive measurements, in a robust, stable and drift-free unique mechanical platform.
  • Designed to receive tec5USA’s high-end CCD and PDA operating electronics consisting of pre-amplifier, signal processing and communication boards, with optional TE-cooler circuit.
  • Ready for deployment in demanding OEM and industrial environments, with excellent reliability and unit-to-unit consistency.


  • Permanent Input Cross-section converter
    Diameter: 0.5 mm
    NA = 0.22
    Mounted in an SMA connector
  • Grating Aberration-corrected concave flat-field
    248 l / mm (in the center), blazed for approx. 250 nm
  • Sensor CCD: S7031-1006 - 1044 x 64 pixels
    PDA: S3904-1024Q – 1024 pixels
  • Spectral range CCD: 190 – 1015 nm
    PDA: 190 – 980 nm
  • Resolution 3 to 4 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy 0.5 nm
  • Temperature drift ≤ 0.009 nm /K
  • Stray light ≤ 0.1 % at 340 nm with deuterium lamp
    (Transmission of NaNO₂ solution, 50 g / l, 1cm)
  • Dimensions 160.3 x 68 x 122.2 mm

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