The Compact Grating Spectrometer CGS UV-NIR is an extremely compact, rugged optical bench, configurable with CCD or PDA detectors, allowing users to measure with maximum quality and optimal spectral efficiency.

The CGS is built around an aberration-corrected blazed, flat-field imaging grating, an optical entrance and an uncooled CCD detector or a silicon photodiode array (PDA).

The back-thinned CCD with high QE, has an electric shutter function allowing for very short integration times. The PDA sensor delivers very low noise and large full well, achieving very high dynamic range.

Entrance is SMA with an internal slit, available in different widths. All optical components are mounted in a housing made of aluminum. The spectrometer modules are compact and thermally stable, making them ideal for industrial applications. Their excellent thermal stability and a very low amount of stray light ensure reliable measuring results – even in rough environments.

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  • Optical platform offering an excellent compromise of resolution and compactness.
  • Detector selection delivers high sensitivity, great SNR and large dynamic range.


  • Cost-efficient design for industrial, high-volume applications and broadband spectroscopy.
  • Excellent thermal stability and long-term drift performance.
  • Versatile configuration with either back-thinned CCD or PDA linear sensors.


  • Input SMA connector, with 50µm internal slit.
    Other slit widths available.
    Ø600µm fiber recommended for best signal collection.
  • Grating Imaging aberration-corrected grating.
    534 gr/mm - Blazed at 230nm
    0.22 N.A.
  • Sensor CCD: S11156 2048-pixel back-thinned
    PDA: S3903 1024-pixel
  • Min. Integration time CCD: 30µs
    PDA: 500µs
  • Spectral range CCD: 190 – 1,015 nm
    PDA: 190 – 935 nm
  • Resolution ≤ 2.5 nm
  • Stray light 3.0 A.U. at 240nm with Deuterium light source
  • Dimensions 78 x 30 x 75 mm

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